We love art. We love artists.

Culture defines nations and artists often define generations, so by working fairly with artists and galleries, we do our bit to nurture – and crucially pay – talent. What’s great about this is it means all our clients are Patrons of the Arts too.



Use art to make staff more engaged.

Through rigorous real-world research, we have consulted on projects that have shown art can have a positive impact on people’s productivity. See our White Paper here and email us for more information on the academic research paper we’re publishing.

Engage your staff. Use our voting tool.

WiP’s voting tool can be implemented on bigger projects. We survey everyone in the office; ask them where they spend time in the space and what art they like from our collection. Then, democratically, the most popular works in any specific area of the office are installed. People are more engaged and the office looks great.

Voting Tool